gtk2-themes: gtkrc: no base_pixmap ?

Hi all,

i was just customizing my gtk2 themes and ran into this problem:
while i could define a background pixmap (bg_pixmap), there was
no way to define a base_pixmap (nor fg_pixmap, but i guess the
latter wouldn't make much sense anyway).

what i'd like to do is the following, with any text (as in gedit)
i'd like to replace this: blue selection bg on white text bg
with this: pixmap1 selection bg on pixmap2 text bg.
instinctively, i tried "base_pixmap" in gtkrc, but that doesn't exist.
did i just miss something about gtk 2 theme configuration or is it
just plain impossible?

if it is impossible, would this (text and text selection background as
pixmap) be a candidate for being added to some future version of gtk?

if my question isn't clear, pls mail me and i'll send you a small partial
screenshot and modified picture to illustrate it (i figured sending picture
files to the list might be disliked by some)



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