Re: gtk_menu_bar_set_shadow_type??

Adam Bernstein <no6 pobox com> writes:

> Hello:
> Is there an equivalent to gtk_menu_bar_set_shadow_type() in GTK 2.0?  I
> looked in the mailing list archive, but did not find an answer to this
> question.

A theme engine can control the shadow type using the "shadow-type"
style property, but there is no programmatic way to control the
shadow type for individual menu bars.

That being said, you can do it using the generic mechanism for
applications to override theme components; something like:

 gtk_widget_set_name (menubar, "my-menu-bar");
 gtk_rc_parse_string ("style \"my-menu-bar-style\" {\n"
                      "   GtkMenuBar::shadow-type = none\n"

                      "widget "*.my-menu-bar.*" style : highest \"my-menu-bar-style\" ");

But you should think about how that will interact with different ways
different themes might draw menu bars.


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