Re: confused by CList

>I'd like to make a clist which will definitely need a vertical
>scrollbar.   I'm having great difficulty.  :(
>1- The scrolled window acts as if the clist doesn't need scrollbars.
>when I set policy by:
>   gtk_scrolled_window_set_policy(MasterDirScrollWin,
>Both scrollbars disappear (I was expecting just the horizontal scrollbar
>to vanish).  The data is obviously there (I can see a little bit of the
>next line poking its head from above the bottom of the viewport.

you asked for it to be removed unless its really needed. GTK has
concluded its not. if you want it there all the time, use:


>2- The columns aren't being set to a good size.  My data looks like:

try gtk_clist_autosize().


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