Re: Is there a canvas widget

>On Thu, 16 May 2002, Matthias Clasen wrote:
>> See
>If there are no dependencies on gnome why not just d/l it and sed
>'s/gnome/gtk/g' ? and then post it somewhere, or am I missing something?

thats what GtkCanvas is. yet it now lags behind GnomeCanvas because
someone has to actually do the edit whenever GnomeCanvas
changes. Where would you file bugs on a new GtkCanvas? Who would look
at them? When someone finally decides to add the Spline type for a
CanvasLineItem, do they add it to GtkCanvas or GnomeCanvas? And most
importantly for me, what does gtkmm wrap, GtkCanvas or GnomeCanvas?
The same is true of other language bindings.

i'd love a true GtkCanvas as part of GTK+. but the people involved
with GTK+ and GNOME and those who wrote the canvas don't seem to feel
that its the right thing to do, and until they do, forking a version
of it doesn't help much.

--p (stuck at GTK+ 1.2 with 60,000+ statements of gtkmm code ;)

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