Modifying GtkFileSelection Widget Gives Problems While File Browsing !

Hi all,

I am trying to customize GtkFileSelection widget according to my needs.
Basically I am adding a filetype dropdown box to the existing
GtkFileSelection so that one can open files with the selected filetype.

Till now , I have simply added the filetype dropdown box to it.
However , the file listing or directory selection seem to go haywire.
In this newly created widget , I am able to see all the hiddedn files
too which is not the behaviour of original GtkFileSelection. While what
I have done till now is changing GtkFileSelection to a new name
MyFileSelection in the .c and .h files and absolutely nothing else. Why
am I getting the hidden files ?

I am currently  going  through the gtkfilesel.c code  . But any quick
help on this will be highly appreciated.

I am attaching the myfilesel.c and myfilesel.h code herewith. Anyone
interested , please go through it .

Thanks very much

Best Regards,



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