VDK/VDKBuilder 2.0.1 released

VDK Team announce that

- VDK library version 2.0.1
- VDKXDB library version 2.0.1
- VDKBuilder rad tool 2.0.1

are available at:
http://vdkbuilder.sourceforge.net following "downloads" link.

This are bug-fix releases. We recommend that users using
VDK/VDKBuilder-2.0.0 upgrade to theses releases.

What is VDK
VDK is a C++ binding of the famous GTK+ widget set libray, strictly speaking it is not just a wrapper rather a framework that hides in the background as much GTK+ work as possible. VDK was designed to be used by newbies with little or no knowledge of GTK+, while at the same time more experienced users can take advantage of their knowledge of GTK+ calls and conventions.
VDK is licensed under LGPL

What is VDKBuilder
VDKBuilder is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool based on VDK that helps programmers in constructing GUI interfaces, as well as editing, compiling, linking, and debugging code all within an integrated environment. Using VDKBuilder dramatically reduces development time since all code related to GUI construction and signal processing is automatically generated, maintained and updated.
VDKBuilder is licensed under GPL

What is VDKXdb
VDKXdb2 is a wrapper on Xbase (known also as xdb) library. It provides a set of VDK data-aware widgets and some database classes:
VDKXdb2 requires VDK 2.0.0 or higher, VDKXdb2 is licensed under LGPL.
XBase is an xbase (i.e. dBase, FoxPro, etc.) compatible C++ class library originally by Gary Kunkel and others. XBase is useful for accessing data in legacy dBase 3 and 4 database files as well as a general light-weight database engine. It includes support for DBF (dBase version 3 and 4) data files, NDX and NTX indexes, and DBT (dBase version 3 and 4). It supports file and record locking under *nix OS's.

What's new on these releases

- VDK: Minor bug fixes

- VDKBuilder: minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes

- VDKXDB: changed include paths to allow this library cohabitate with
previous VDKXDB version 0.0.4 wich requires vdk series 1.2.x
This can create some difficulties to vdkbuilder users since include path
for this library is changed from <vdkxdb/"file"> to <vdkxdb2/"file">.
Using vdkxdb-config-2 script should fix these problems however.

The VDK Team

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