GTK+ 2.0 linux-fb: gtk-demo segmentation fault in key_hash_insert _entry

Title: GTK+ 2.0 linux-fb: gtk-demo segmentation fault in key_hash_insert_entry
More informations:
Executing gtk-demo generates the following warning messages before the segmentation fault:
    Gdk-WARNING **: xlate_get_for_keyval() NIY
In another application displaying a window with 8 buttons, when I press any key on the keyboard (upper arrow, enter, ...), no action is performed and these warning messages are displayed:
    Gdk-WARNING **: xlate_translate() NIY
With gtk+-1.3.10 linux-fb, in this application, the keys pressed were correctly handled.
-----Message d'origine-----
Hi all,
Platform: x86, kernel 2.4.4 including a framebuffer driver.
   GLIB-2.0.0 standard
   ATK-1.0.0 standard
   PANGO-1.0.0 configured with "--without-x"
   GTK+-2.0.0 configured with "--with-gdktarget=linux-fb"
The gtk-demo program displays the window and ends immediately with a segmentation fault. Executing it in gdb provides the following output:

>gdb gtk-demo
GNU gdb 5.0
(gdb) r
Starting program: /usr/local/bin/gtk-demo
Got 6 bytes of junk from psaux

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x4014fd52 in key_hash_insert_entry (key_hash=0x8163d78, entry=0x8167440)
    at gtkkeyhash.c:69
69            GSList *old_keys = g_hash_table_lookup (key_hash->keycode_hash,
(gdb) quit

Thanks for help,

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