Re: Having problems with gtk_editable_copy_clipboard


Thanks for the response.

> What are you trying to achieve?

Being relatively new to GTK, I am experimenting with different methods of 
accomplishing different tasks.  I found that the default copy/paste
methods worked well but wanted to try my own copy/paste handler to ramp
up on the available functionality.  I would like, for example, to use the
Sun copy/paste/cut keys in my text entry fields.

> When you press <control>c in a 
> entry, ::copy-clipboard is emitted, and the default handler (built in
> to GtkEntry) copies the selected text to the clipboard.

I'm working on a Sun - Control-C does not generate a "copy-clipboard"
event.  Neither does the Sun "Copy" key, which is why I began experimenting
with a "copy clipboard" handler (I know that I need to intercept
key presses and then perform the associated processing to make the Sun 
keys work).

I just don't understand why my signal handler is called ~5K times before 
the program dumps core when I select "Copy" after right clicking in the 
text entry field.  Any ideas?


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