Re: Contextual menus and realtime graphics

Le Mercredi 27 Mars 2002 11:24, Paul Davis a écrit :
> >Le Mercredi 27 Mars 2002 14:47, vous avez écrit :

> you probably didn't set the events to be received by the widget. see
> gtk_widget_set_events().

  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (window), "event",  
GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (MyHandler), GTK_OBJECT (file_menu));
  gtk_widget_set_events (GTK_OBJECT (window), GDK_BUTTON_PRESS_MASK 

I've the same events, but no button_press_mask. Did I fail somewhere ? 

> not considered very friendly. if you want to take over the whole
> screen, discover its dimensions, create a GtkWindow with no decorations,
> set the window default size to the screen dimensions, add the drawing
> area to the window, and use that.

No, I was meaning real fullscreen (resolution changes (and bpp when dga2 
available)). didn't seems to exist, I'll deal with xlib for that.

Thanks a lot


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