Re: Contextual menus and realtime graphics

Le Mercredi 27 Mars 2002 14:47, vous avez écrit :

> Make a menu and use gtk_menu_popup() to display it when you get a click.

Yes, it works, thanks. But ... :)) (there's always a 'but' :)

To connect my Drawing Area (RGB Image), I use that : 

gtk_signal_connect_object (GTK_OBJECT (DrawingArea), "event",
             GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (MyHandler), GTK_OBJECT (menu));

and I can't get click events. I can have some connecting the window, but only 
in/out the window etc. not the click. 
Any idea for that ? 

> gdk_draw_rgb_image() paints an RGB image as quickly as possible ... is
> that what you mean? There are higher-level widgets available too.

Yes it seems to be ok, I can draw an image. But no fullscreen :(
Thanks anyway for that.


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