Announce: VDKSdl version 0.1.0 released

VDK Team announces that VDKSdl version 0.1.0 is available at following "downloads" link.

What is VDKSdl
VDKSdl is a VDK extension that wraps  SDL (Simple Direct media layer) a
powerfull library mainly used for constructing games that handles very well both graphics and sounds.
VDKSdl provides two subsystem (video and sound) and a  VDKSdlCanvas
widget used for drawing operations. VDKSdlCanvas can be used as a normal
widget into VDK applications.

You can visit to know more about SDL.

Release Notes
- vdksdl-0.1.0 is an alpha stage version, by no means should be
considered complete and stable
- vdksdl-0.1.0 requires SDL-1.2.0 and SDL_Image 1.2.0 or higher
- vdksdl-0.1.0 requires vdk 2.0.0 or higher and gtk+/glib 2.0.0 as well.
- vdksdl is released as LGPL

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