Re: Porting GnomeMeeting

>Another solution is to put every calls that are made into thread in
>g_idle_add functions. I know that it would prevent threads problems, but
>I would like to know why something that perfectly worked with GTK1 has
>so much problems now and always segfaults as calls to GTK functions were
>not protected by the GDK lock? I do not understand that simple fact.

perhaps the internals of GTK/GDK has changed the ultimate ordering of
calls to the X server, so things you were doing without locks are
causing async problems. the fact that it worked under GTK+ 1.2 doesn't
mean anything - its been said over and over and over that you cannot
have multiple threads calling *any* GTK or GDK or X functions without
lock protection. if it worked before, that was just luck and relied on
the internal structure of GTK/GDK, much of which has now changed.


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