Re: gtk2 Segmentation faults

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:
> Is your system Red Hat 7.2 in other ways?

No. I applied updates from errata only.

> Porbably something to do with config files or the set of files in your packages. Maybe you could try the i386.rpm 
> from; they are built against 7.2 with almost exactly the SRPMs as the ones in rawhide. (They
> have debugging information, however.)
>  * As Sven says, is anything printed on the console?
>  * If you do a backtrace, where is it crashing?

$ ./test 
Segmentation fault

^^^ immediately after the first gtk-command. 

#include <gtk/gtk.h>

 int main( int   argc,
           char *argv[] )
     GtkWidget *window;


$ ./test 
Segmentation fault

No matter what gtk-statement I use.

> If you are using Xft, the problem may be a bug in XFree86-4.1; upgrading to 4.2 is really necessary to use
> Xft fonts.

No I'm not using Xft fonts.

I'll download the packages from But I have a slow modem connection. ;-(


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