csource problems on hp - ux

I still haven't been able to figure out why the png's wont load during
the make ... i tried running this and got these messages ... does
_anyone_ know why gdk-pixbuf-csource might be failing to load png's
even though the ./configure passed the libpng check?

any help is appreciated

TCSclnt tcsdev% ./test-loaders
seed: 1016135674
                  valid_ppm_1                   FAILED
                  valid_ppm_2                   FAILED
                  valid_ppm_3                   passed
                  valid_ppm_4                   FAILED
                  invalid_ppm_1                 passed
                  invalid_ppm_2                 passed
                  invalid_ppm_3                 passed
                  invalid_ppm_4                 passed
                  invalid_ppm_5                 passed
                  invalid_ppm_6                 passed
                  invalid_ppm_7                 passed
                  invalid_ppm_8                 passed
                  valid_gif_test                FAILED
                  gif_test_1                    passed
                  gif_test_2                    passed
                  gif_test_3                    passed
                  gif_test_4                    passed
                  valid_png_test                FAILED
                  png_test_1                    passed
                  png_test_2                    passed
                  valid_ico_test                FAILED
                  ico_test_1                    passed
                  ico_test_2                    passed
                  valid_jpeg_test               FAILED
                  valid_tiff1_test              FAILED
                  tiff1_test_1                  passed
                  tiff1_test_2                  passed
                  valid_tga_test                FAILED
                  tga_test_1                    passed
                  xpm_test_1                    passed
                  wbmp_test_1                   passed
                  wbmp_test_2                   passed
random            GIF_HEADER                    passed
random            PNG_HEADER                    passed
random            JPEG_HEADER                   passed
random            TIFF1_HEADER                  passed
random            TIFF2_HEADER                  passed
random            PNM_HEADER                    passed
random            XBM_HEADER                    passed
random            BMP_HEADER                    passed
random            XPM_HEADER                    passed
randomly modified valid_tiff1_test              passed
randomly modified valid_gif_test                passed
randomly modified valid_png_test                passed
randomly modified valid_tga_test                passed
randomly modified valid_jpeg_test               passed
randomly modified valid_ico_test                passed
randomly modified valid_bmp_test                passed
randomly modified valid_xpm_test                passed
Allocated 16378K of 16384K, 5K free during tests
memory            valid_gif_test                passed
memory            valid_png_test                passed
memory            valid_jpeg_test               passed


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