VDK/VDKBuilder 2.0.0 released

VDK Team is proud to announce that:

VDK and VDKBuilder version 2.0.0 is now available at:
http://vdkbuilder.sourceforge.net following "downloads" link.
Also vdkxdb-2 (a VDK wrapper of xbase library ) is available on the
same site.

Release notes:
1. VDK/VDKBuilder 2.0.0 require to have installed:
- Gtk+/Glib 2.0.0
- atk version 1.0.0
- pango 1.0.0
that can be downloaded from: http://www.gtk.org

2. User that upgrade from VDK/VDKBuilder 1.2.5 can have both versions
running on same box provided that are installed in different prefixes (we suggest /usr for version 1.2.5 and /usr/local for 2.0.0 version)

3. User should consider version 2.0.0 as an unstable and incomplete release, test it and report any problem to mmotta guest net or trough vdkbuilder list available at: http://vdkbuilder.sourceforge.net A new much more stable and complete release will come soon, pending on user feedback.

4. A VDK/VDKBuilder tutorial is available in pdf format. Is still a draft, written with my bad english, but quite usable, i hope.

5. A 150 pages VDK/VDKBuilder tutorial is now available, it covers almost all aspects on using VDK and VDKBuilder, for this reason VDK Reference manual won't be updated anymore, users are encouraged to install Doxygen tool that permits to build a nice reference manual in html, ps and man format. See INSTALL for further informations.
You can download doxygen at:

6. Both VDK and VDKBuilder 2.0.0 have been tested on Mandrake 8.0 and RedHat 7.2, using either gcc 2.96 and gcc 3.0.
User should try on different systems and report problems if any.

What's new on VDK 2.0.0
Library had a huge rewriting to be compatible with Gtk+ 2.0.
However users upgrading from VDK 1.2.5 should suffer little code breaks.
Some widgets are now deprecated even if still supported for compatibility reason. Newly written code should not use them.
Other widget are not supported anymore.

Deprecated widgets:

Widget not more supported:
- gtkcombobutton
	Used on VDKCustomButton class which is now modified, with API unchanged.
- VDKFileTreeDialog
	Based on an old gtkdirtree widget
- VDKDatabox
	Based on gtkdatabox.
- VDKGrid
	Based on gtksheet.
- VDKFileIconDialog
	Based on gtkiconfilesel, same as above.
- VDKCoolbar and VDKCoolButton
	Was already "deprecated" on previous vdk versions.
- VDKPanedForm and VDKScrolledForm
	As above, was deprecated.
- VDKColorBrowser
	It depends on VDKGrid
- VDKLabelToggleButton and VDKPixmapToggleButton
	Deprecated and substituted with VDKCustomButtons.
- VDKPacker
- VDKText

New widgets and features:
- VDKTextView
	A GtkTextView wrapper that would substitute
	deprecated and buggy VDKText.
- VDKEditor
	A nice source editor wrapping Mike Hamerson gtksourceview 0.0.2
(still on alpha), with syntax hilighting and other nice feautures such as word completion (ctrl-tab) , parent matching, etc.
- VDKImage
	A GtkImage wrapper that should substitute VDKPixmap.
- VDKThread
	A simple wrapper on posix threads.
- VDKInputChannel
	A wrapper for gdk_input
	Thanks to Jonathan Hudson  <jonathan daria co uk> .
- VDKTreeView
	A wrapper for GtkTreeView
- VDKCalendar
	A wrapper for GtkCalendar
- VDKDrawingArea
This widget should substitute VDKCanvas, not deprecated but consider the new a better widget.

What's new on VDKBuilder 2.0.0
- 	Porting to Gtk+ 2.0.0
- Redesigned interface - New project wizard - New source editor based on GtkTextView - Class browser - More widgets support - More plugins - Many minor bug fixes - Finally a VDK/VDKBuilder tutorial

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