Re: frozen GUI!!! urgent help required!

From: Paul Davis <pbd Op Net>
> yes, it is common to more or less all GUI toolkits, regardless of OS
> platform. 
> >Isn't there a way to shortly stop calculations (for a necessary minimum
> >of time) and let the GUI gather possible events? Could this work
> >this way somehow? Any suggestions?
> somewhere inside your calculations, call this reasonably often:
> 	  while (gtk_events_pending()) {
> 	      gtk_main_iteration();
> 	  }
> that will update the GUI while your calculations proceed.

Or, better, do:

while(g_main_iteration(FALSE)); /* No body */

which skips the gtk wrappers around the glib main loop.
In 2.0, you'll want to do:

while(g_main_context_iteration(NULL, FALSE)); /* No body */

since g_main_context_iteration() is deprecated in 2.0 (the API changed
a bit when they added support for multiple main loops).

Ron Steinke

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