Re: frozen GUI!!! urgent help required!

Oh hell!!!

Now I'm scared! Why did nobody tell me before? Is that common
with all GUI toolkits?

> Not unless you create a separate thread for the calculations. When the
> calculations finish, you should be able to interact with the GUI again.

The problem is: I'm no (good) thread programmer and for what I've read
in here it seems that Gtk+ wasn't design to be used with threads and
there will be much trouble ahead. Am I right?
And the other thing is: it was planned that the calculations stop with
the click of a button (it's a continuos online calculation/data processing)
but thus the button is not clickable under heavy system load there
has to be another way around. 

Isn't there a way to shortly stop calculations (for a necessary minimum
of time) and let the GUI gather possible events? Could this work
this way somehow? Any suggestions?

Every idea is welcome. Thanks again!
Many cheers,

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