Release of GVD 1.2.5

We are pleased to announce the availability of GVD, the GNU Visual
Debugger, a general purpose graphical debugger front-end licensed
under the GNU General Public License.

Besides providing all the features of other debugger GUIs, GVD
includes advanced data display and visualization capabilities.
Furthermore, GVD allows the debugging of multi-process/multi-threaded
applications in the same debugging session. GVD works with native as
well as cross debuggers and can handle several languages in the same
debugging session and the same application. Currently Ada, C and C++
are supported.

GVD can run on a host different from the machine where the debugger
is running and provides friendly support for cross-debuggers (VxWorks,
Lynx, etc.). For instance, you can use Linux or Windows to debug an
application running on a Power PC board with a debugger running on a
Sun workstation.

To build GVD we are using the GtkAda GUI technology. GVD comes with
all the GtkAda benefits such as a pluggable look-and-feel, a set of
very high-level widgets and the ability to have the same look-and-feel
on all of your platforms.

You can dowload GVD (sources and binaries for GNU/Linux x86, Solaris sparc and
x86, Windows NT/2000, DEC Unix/Tru64, HP-UX, IRIX, AiX) and get more
information at

New features in GVD 1.2.5:
- The load file menu now retains the last directory selected
- The open source menu now retains the last directory selected
- Support for multiple debugger under Windows.
- General speed up in the display window (especially with variable names
  that include lots of dereferences, such as A.B.C.D.E...).
- A few bug fixes (see the known-problems file)

If you are interested in participating in the GVD development, do not
hesitate to contact us (mailto:gvd-devel lists act-europe fr)

Arnaud Charlet <charlet act-europe fr>

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