GtkAda 2.0.0 released

GtkAda 2.0.0 release

GtkAda is an Ada95 graphical toolkit based on Gtk+. It allows you
to develop graphical applications in Ada95 using Gtk+.

The primary download site is

This version represents a major update to the Gtk+ 2.0 API.
Most of the new features of Gtk+ 2.0 have been bound at this stage.
Most of the GtkExtra package has not been ported to Gtk+ 2.0 yet (this
is work in progress), so these widgets are currently disabled.

GtkAda 2.0.0 also comes with a new widget which is not fully stabilized
yet, and on which feedbacks and comments will be welcome:
- GtkAda.MDI: a fully featured multiple document interface suitable for use in
              IDE-like applications.


The GtkAda team

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