Re: Checkbox and Style

Thank you Havoc for your help,

So there is no way to do it under gtk-1.2.10?
My application link to this version of gtk for now, and we are not planning
to move to 2.0 in the comming month but later in the year. Is there any
solution or shall I just wait to move to the next version for having this

Best regards,
Jean-Christophe Berthon

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> "Jean-Christophe Berthon" <Jean-Christophe Berthon cgey com> writes:
> >
> >         I have another problem which is how to change the state of a
> > checkbox to "Partially Checked".
> >
> GTK 2 has this feature, gtk_toggle_button_set_inconsistent() or
> something like that is the function name.
> Havoc
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