Re: PangoFontMetrics

From: Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com>
If you need ascent/descent probably you could get the PangoLayoutLine
from the layout and get the geometry of the lines. The extents of the
line are given relative to the baseline, so the Y value is "-ascent"
essentially. Also if you use PangoLayoutIter you can iterate over the
lines in the layout and get the baseline of each one.

Out of curiosity, what are you using ascent/descent for?

The font comes from the PangoContext used to create the layout by
default, and can be overridden with a PangoAttrList. You should not
need to call pango_load_font(), you should only need to provide a
PangoFontDescription to PangoAttrList, for a non-default font.

Thanks Havoc,
I am new to gtk+ so also to pango and I read Pango is the thing
to use for application using fonts etc . I am designing a UI for
a application (a user interface for a mediaplayer) on Linux. I have
so many text strings to display ,with various font and color, so that it looks attractive :).

I calculate the max ascent/descent returned for each string so that
I can allocate the space for each string propely in a table kind of thing. The reason of using the PangoMetrics is only the name suggests
I can get all the above parameters from it only .

Thanks again . I think I need to study more on Pango.


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