Re: background color of scrollable window

Paul Davis wrote:

> >    How to change the background color of a Scrolled window ? ...
> what have you tried so far?

I tried doing this , but of no use..........

   GtkStyle *style1;
   GtkStyle *oldstyle;
   GdkColor color;
   GdkColor color2;;;;;;;

     ScrolledWindow =  gtk_scrolled_window_new( NULL , NULL ) ;
      oldstyle = gtk_widget_get_default_style();
      style1 = gtk_style_copy(oldstyle);
      style1->bg[GTK_STATE_NORMAL] =color2;
      style1->bg[GTK_STATE_ACTIVE] =color2;
      style1->bg[GTK_STATE_PRELIGHT] =color2;
      style1->bg[GTK_STATE_SELECTED] =color2;
      style1->bg[GTK_STATE_INSENSITIVE] =color2;
      gtk_widget_set_style( GTK_WIDGET( ScrolledWindow ) ,style1 ) ;


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