Re: Get & Set pixel from a pixmap.


"Eleni Ryan" <eleni ryan caris com> writes:

> I want to get & then set a pixel value from a GdkPixmap, but can't seem to
> find where to start.  I see that pixels can be manipulated in a GdkImage
> using gdk_image_get_pixel() & gdk_image_put_pixel(), however I need to
> manipulate an off-screen pixmap rather than a copy of the window.

are you sure you want to manipulate a pixmap, which is a server-side
resource, in such a way? You can draw a pixel to the pixmap using 
gdk_draw_rectangle() but IIRC, X11 does not provide an API to get a
pixel value from a pixmap and so does GDK.

Salut, Sven

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