Help on compiling GTK2 from binary

I have small problem.
I wanted to install GTK 2 on my Redhat 7.2 system. Not upgrading from the GTK1 that's already on my system.
I'm stuck at 50% of this process, ;p
I installed all the dependency libraries succesfully, except for ATK.... and glib2. ATK requires glib2, so blahblahblah.
I downloaded the binary version of glib2 from's ftp site. I used gnorpm , and I clicked upgrade.
After that I see that glib1 is still there, and glib2 is install sepately, and I thought they might be ablt to run together.
Th thing is, when I compile atk, it stills doesn't detect glib2 in my system. .... I check the installation directies and stuffs, and glib2 is installed probaly, only that glib-config can't find it, or it doesn't display it.
Version 1.2.x is displayed as default.
What's the problem here ? Can you help me solve this ? Thanks.

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