Re: pixmap or image and toolbar

Peter Van Osta wrote:
> I want to use a bitmap of 200x200 pixels, divided in 10x10 squares, in
> which the user can click with his mouse. The result of this action
> should be that a 20x20 square changes color, depending on the position
> in the window where the user clicks. What should I use, a pixmap or an
> image and what is the difference in behaviour if both are possible ? Is
> there some sample code that shows how to do this ?

You could consider using a canvas widget ... eg. gtkcanvas, or 
gnomecanvas. It provides a nice high-level API for exactly this sort of 

There was an article about this a while ago on developerworks:

This is for gnome 1, you'll need some porting work for gnome2.

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