Entry Replacement


I have an option menu and a frame with entry widgets.
Choosing from the option menu replaces the content of the frame with another 
set of entries. These are generated on demand and only once.
The table where the entries are arranged is removed and added to the frame on 
the fly.

The problem: When an entry widget has the focus and one switches to other 
entries with the option menu and back again, the entry that had the focus 
before is drawn with cursor but cannot be edited any more. The text in it can 
be marked with the mouse but not changed in any way.
Strange: Cycling the focus with the tab-key makes the entry editable again.

Is this a known issue and how can I circumvent it?
I already tried to set the focus on another widget before removing the table 
with the entries from the frame, but this had no effect.

Environment: gtk and glib 1.2.10 on HP/UX 10.20


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