Re: Can change appearance with gtk_handle_box_set_shadow_type


Thanks.  I tried setting shadow type of menu bar...

Actually I used GtkItemFactory widget so *that* is my
menu bar:

   gtk_menu_bar_set_shadow_type(GTK_MENU_BAR(MenuBar::itemFactory), GTK_SHADOW_OUT);
   gtk_handle_box_set_shadow_type(GTK_HANDLE_BOX(MenuBar::handleBox), GTK_SHADOW_OUT);

This did not make a difference in shadow of menu even when I tried replacing
itemFactory with gtk_item_factory_get_widget(MenuBar::itemFactory, "< >").

Any other ideas?


I *did* find a solution although it is not perhaps the most elegant one.....

I am able to successfully change the shadow type of a *frame*.

Therefore, if I add menu_bar/itemfactory to a handle box and
then add handle box to a frame and then change shadow of /frame/ it works!!!!

Messy but it works.  I dunno why I cannot just do gtk_menu_bar_set_shadow_type
and be done with it and/or  gtk_handle_box_set_shadow_type.


On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 09:45:33AM +0200, Jean-Michel OLTRA wrote:
> On Monday 24 Jun 2002, Christian Seberino wrote:
> > I'm trying to change the appearance of a handle box
> > (that happens to hold a menu bar).
> > Here is my line that doesn't seem to do anything...
> >    gtk_handle_box_set_shadow_type(GTK_HANDLE_BOX(MenuBar::handleBox), GTK_SHADOW_ETCHED_IN);
> > Is this correct and why does no value for last argument
> > seem to make a difference?
> Did you set the shadow_type of your menu bar ?
> gtk_menu_bar_set_shadow_type(GTK_MENU_BAR(menu), GTK_SHADOW_blah);
> gtk_handle_box_set_shadow_type(GTK_HANDLE_BOX(handle_menu), 
> 		GTK_SHADOW_blah);
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