GtkTreeView - why so SLOW?

Hi All,
Inserting rows in TreeView takes much time, and eats a lot of processor
The TreeView is inserted into a scrolled Window. When I use the ruler to
go up to the list and down, the CPU usage is about 50-60 percent on
Duron 1GHz.
I use ListStore, and I'm inserting about 5000 rows and I have 8 columns.

The same thing using CList inserts in a fraction of second (including
fetching data from database - in TreeView I was only inserting some data
not getting them from database).
And moving the list up and down is much smoother and eats about 2-3
percent CPU.

How can I get performance similar to CList? I use gtk 2.0.5.


Olaf Fraczyk

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