porting a kde/qt application (kcheat) to gtk

dear all,

i wanted to learn how to use ptrace() to step through a non-child
process's memory map.   kcheat seemed like a fun thing to play with.

anyway, no matter what i did, the thing won't compile for me.  despite
installing all the KDE libraries, autoconf just bombs.  i tried to hand
compile the application, and that doesn't work too.

the author doesn't have an interest in maintaining the program, so i
decided to port it to vanilla gtk.

from screenshots, i duplicated his GUI.  i seem to be having trouble
with the callbacks -- mainly because i'm totally unfamiliar with KDE and
Qt.  turns out to be pretty convoluted.  it looks like he has some
interface classes in between his GUI and his code that are general
templates provided for by kdevelop, for example: "insert printing code
here".  i'm sure that made his job easier, but it's becoming a nightmare
for me.

are there any documents out there that give tips or outline how to
convert KDE/Qt apps to gtk?

also, it would help the porting process if i could see the application
in action.  i've been using his screenshots and the sourcecode to guide
me, but having a working version in front of me would be very helpful
too.  if someone uses this application, i would be grateful if you can
send me a statically linked (i removed the kde libraries) and striped
version of the executable.


ps- if anyone has an interest in this application, i'd be happy to send
you what i have so far.

GPG Fingerprint: B9F1 6CF3 47C4 7CD8 D33E  70A9 A3B9 1945 67EA 951D

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