Re: lame question about gtk and C++

>i've tried using gtkmm and hate it.   is it possible to use gtk with a
>C++ program?

of course. you can even mix and match gtk and gtkmm within a C++ program.

>i have a C++ program that does pretty much everything it needs to do.  i
>just need to attach a GUI to the various existing functions.  can i use

i hope its a simple program. the "just" in your middle sentence is
often a severe understatement.

>i'm asking because i took some baby steps to writing a gtk interface and
>g++ warned about not knowing what some of the casting macros like

sounds like you didn't have all the right include files included. i
use GTK+ from C++ on a regular basis (even though i prefer gtkmm, i am
forced to go to GTK+ for a few things), and it works without any such
warnings (despite -Wall)


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