Re: compiling gtk 1.2.5 for Darwin/mac os x

Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> couzteau <lists bitfaeule net> writes:
>>i'm trying to install gtk 1.2.5 in order to install wxPython.
>>when run make (after sucessfully running ./configure --prefix=/usr/gtk
>>i get the following error:
>>gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I. -DG_LOG_DOMAIN=g_log_domain_glib -g
>>-O2 -Wall -c giounix.c -o giounix.o
>>giounix.c:1290: bad macro argument list
>>cpp-precomp: warning: errors during smart preprocessing, retrying in basic
> I've seen the very same error message yesterday when trying to compile
> a simple application that uses gobject-2.0 on a Darwin MacOS X system
> using gcc-2.95.2. The compiler barfed on the G_OBJECT_CLASS macro.
> Looks like something on Darwin MacOS X is severily b0rken at the moment.

Hi, this is caused by the "smart" precompiler for headers that Mac OS X 
uses by default. It speeds things up (usually), but there are quite a 
few macros it can't handle.

The workaround is to disable it. Eg.

CFLAGS="-no-cpp-precomp" ./configure ...etc

You'll also find a few libtool issues later in the build, since osx uses 
mach-o rather than elf and has some very strange ld behaviour as a result.

If you've not found it, I can highly recommend fink:

They have a gazillion packages tweaked for mac os x, with a nice 
debian-style apt-get wrapped around them. It'll automatically build 
pretty much anything for you, including (I think) wxPython.

They also have a porting page in the developer section which runs 
through all of these problems and suggests some libtool patches.


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