Re[2]: GtkTextView

Hello, Andrew.

19 июня 2002 г., 12:22:19 you wrote:

AEM> Well, as I know for now Gtk::ScrolledWindow and Gtk::TextView couldn't be
AEM> expanded automatically just when you've entered some data into. So, if you
AEM> would like to have your TextView took minimal space in your table and expand up
AEM> to 300 pixels height only when you've some data inside, you have to handle that
AEM> yourself.

AEM> ...

AEM> Hope this gonna help
OK, thanks a lot. Maybe it's because of my bad English that only a
Russian guy has understood what I did mean ;=\

AEM> Oh my... You're coding in C (GTK+)... My sample is for C++ (GTKMM). Sorry, I am
AEM> a bit busy atm to "unwrap" those code. I guess, it's not so hard to do it.
I am really coding in xbgtk - an xbase language wrapper for
GTK+. But re-wrapping your code for xbgtk was easy too.

AEM> Russian guys are smart enough to do it yourself :).

AEM> -Andrew

 Phil                          mailto:phil mail ru

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