Re: A Book on pseudo-OOP for GTK+?

Hi, Havoc's book covers this. It's a little out of date now (I think it
aims at gtk1.2), but most of the techniques still apply.

(POOP is maybe not the best acronym, it has a slang meaning (in the uk
anyway). Better to just say OOP I think)

Kang Jeong-Hee wrote:
> Please show me the way to POOP for the inside of GTK+, Master.
> I have no idea about OOP or C++, and not good at C.
> Almost that I learned about C and GTK+ is ones by trial.
> I'm thinking about
>   a) C++: The Core Language, by Oreily
>   b) Microsoft Visual C++ Object-Oriented Programming
> which's better? and which's fit to c)?
> I want to make my own widget. and to understand bonobo more easily.
> without OOP, POOP is hard to understand. let me study OOP.
> thanks.

Coming soon:
Fabric of Vision 
Dress and Drapery in Painting 

19 June - 8 September 2002 

For information and tickets:

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