Expected, repeatable gtk SIGSEGV

I run FreeBSD 4.6-prerelease, and have been running gnome 1.4, with gtk 1.2, for several versions over the past six months. None have given me any trouble; unexpectedly, after a reboot my gtk started to die on me. I can start X just fine, and do anything except load gtk. After some work, I managed to figure out that it was gtk at the root of the problem, i.e. when a gnome program crashed, gnome_segv (gnome's graphical segfault) would pop up onto my top... but not onto my screen. Aparently, whatever the problem is it effects that too. I reinstalled several times, from source (ports and from the website), and packages, all of several different versions, as well as gettext. I also deleted all gtk-related directories and attempted a reinstall, several times. I strace gimp and I always get the same thing, three sigprocmask's, a munmap, a sigprocmask, and then a segfault. When I try to load py-gtk into python, I also get the exact same thing, same numbers in munmap, and same two segfault messages.

Has anyone ever heard of a problem like this before? My problems seem to survive reboots and reinstalls and came out of nowhere... the ram is good ram, and since its *only* gtk, I don't think that could be it.

Any ideas?

-Max Shron

(p.s., please cc to this address, I'm not a member of the list)

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