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	I'm just guessing here but since you can't read the error message,
is it possible that make is printing an English message on your Chinese
language machine?  If so, I'm afraid I can't be of much help since I'm not
an expert on machines that run a program in a language different from the
operating system.  I suggest asking the sysadmin, a friend, etc. about
this.  Perhaps someone else on this list can help you, even though this
problem (well, the display of the error message) is not related to GTK+.


On Mon, 10 Jun 2002, [big5] ¶À¼y Kason Huang wrote:

> 	I just download the gtk+-2.0.3, and after running command
> "./configure", 
> I get the file "Makefile". Now, I try to run "make" , but the command exits
> immediately with 
> just a line of words. The following is detail:
>  make: *** %?!<%2%C%H$,;XDj$5$l$F$*$i$:!"makefCf;_!#8+$D$+$j$^$;$S.
> I just can't understand what the above means. Could you please explain me
> why?
> I am much anxious!
> 			Thank you very much!
> 			your truely friend!

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