Please forgive me for not looking at the archive first.  I'm multi-tasking
just to do this( jumpinging between writing in gtk and testing 4 other

I've currently gotten my data to draw to a drawing area.  I have the
scaling and shifting all done, don't know if it is right, but it works for

I've gottne this far from looking at examples to get something to work.

Now I need to speed up my data drawing.

I have a configure_event that creates a pixmap and draws it black.  I want
a black background;
It then calls my draw_cell which draws into the pixmap.
Within this recursive routine I do
        gdk_draw_rectangle (pixmap,gc,FALSE,mcr.ll.x,mcr.ll.y,w,h);

and some

At the end of this function I do a 


I take it that this is my blitting.  Problem is I may call this draw_cell
several hundred thousand times.  SO this is ver slow.

Should this draw_pixmap be placed after the call to draw_cell
so that blitting is done only once?

My code was originally written for gtk1.???

Is there any new features that allows scaling of data,
0,0 at the lower left??

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