GdkWindows and scrolling in GtkTreeView


I am trying to understand the current view on the best practices for
implementing GTK+ 2.0 widgets which display a large (32-bit dimensions)
scrollable view. I am creating a horizontal track-display widget with a
header, rather like a GtkTreeView rotated 90 degress anticlockwise.

As I understand it, the current choice is between scrolling a large
GdkWindow inside a small window using gdk_window_move, or scrolling a
small window using gdk_window_scroll. The former generates expose events
in "virtual" coordinates, the latter in screen coordinates. Please correct
me if I'm wrong.

I noticed that in gtk_tree_view_adjustment_changed, the code uses
gdk_window_move for horizontal adjustment but gdk_window_scroll for
vertical adjustment. Is there an inherent advantage to this? It seems to
need more maths but I imagine it's more easily portable.

Any suggestions or tips very gratefully received.



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