Re: GTK2 Clipboard questions

Veronika_Irvine oti com writes:
> How do I get a list of the data types that are available on the clipboard?

You would ask for the value of the TARGETS type I believe. Check out
the source code for gtkentry.c, it does this.
> Is there any intention in the future to permit flushing to the clipboard 
> (for types other than text)

By "flushing to the clipboard" you mean saving the data independent of
your current widget? That should be possible now.

> and to allow data to survive on the clipboard after the application
> has closed?

This is more of an X issue than a GTK issue. It works that way today
if the user runs a clipboard-harvester daemon such as xclipboard or
klipper. But then the user loses the ability to paste in multiple
formats, so there's a tradeoff. To avoid the tradeoff you would need
some kind of protocol to hand off the clipboard data only on
application exit, or a per-application daemon that stuck around as
long as the app owned the clipboard.


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