Re: Still no fonts with gtkfb

Vince Busam <vince phatnoise com> writes:
>   Actually, pango 1.0.2 with freetype 2.1.0 didn't work.  It didn't work
> until I re-built it with freetype 2.0.9.  Originally I tried pango 1.0.1
> with freetype 2.1.0.  I had to put in the same #defines that were in CVS
> at the time to get it to build.  Then with 1.0.2 (which came out as I was
> about to try the latest cvs code), it built without modification, but
> still no fonts.

Owen developed a patch for this freetype issue the other day, I'm not
sure if it's in CVS yet but it should be coming down the pipe.


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