Glib Newbie Question: manual event invoking


I want to play a little bit with the glib2.0 Mainloop, now I have a
question. I can add multiple Eventsources, but they are obviously
timer-controled. In GTK I have gtk_signal_connect, to connect a signal
to a specific event. I think glib's g_source_set_callback will do some
similar (with the exception, that the callback is invoked by the timer
and not by an event)
But my question is, how do I invoke a callback-function directly? In
GTK I could send a signal with gtk_signal_emit. But I dont found
something similar in the glib-manual.
Is the only way to do this calling the function directly with it's name?
Or do I have to define an event? I couldnt find suitable informations.

Thanks for reading,

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