Re: GTK+-2.0, Gnome 2

one thing that used to happen to me when i was using framebuffer consoles + nvidia X is that it would lock up, and since i lived in the dorm i could just go to my roommates computer and login to either reboot or kill & restart X. after those episodes, unfortunately, my text consoles would be unusable. but logging in from another computer, if possible, is something that you could try.

Valdis Kletnieks vt edu wrote:

On Sun, 07 Jul 2002 21:57:56 +0200, Olaf Leidinger <leidola newcon de>  said:

When using GTK+-2.0 (in form of glade-2 and Gnome 2) my system (SuSE
7.3, standart kernel, K6/2 500 on Gigabyte G5AX, G-Force 2 MX) my X freezes after some minutes of working with it. The only way of
regaining access to the system is a complete reboot.

First 3 guesses:

1) Your program has a memory leak that's running you out of swap space,
and things get ugly at a bad time.  Test this by having an xterm open and
continually running 'ps aux' and watch for the 'VSZ' and 'RSS' columns,
see if anything is running.  You might want to watch /proc/swaps as well,
and see if you're running low as your program runs.  I'm not sure if
the "SuSE 7.3 standard kernel" has a reasonable virtual memory system
(and I can't remember which 2.4.N kernel included an actually functional
version of mm/oom_kill.c), so it's quite possible you have a system that
locks up hard on out-of-memory.

2) Some bug in your program is tickling something in your XFree (either
tripping over an actual bug, or just giving it indigestion by creating
zillions of widgets or asking for a 10,000 pixel high font from xfs, or

3) Old outdated NVidia drivers?  Current off the nVidia site is 2960
or possibly even later).

The output of 'uname -a', and knowing what release of XFree you're using, and
knowing whether things are so wedged that control-alt-Fn allows you to switch
consoles or not, and whether other consoles are hung/unresponsive as well,
would help in narrowing things down.

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