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Thanks for the response.
I have tried both gtk_signal_connect and gtk_signal_connect_after, but they did not work. I did not try gtk_emit_stop because the API reference says that it is deprecated and should not be used. I was wondering if I should use g_threads and g_mutex, but I don't have any experience with them and am not sure if that is the right approach.

Lalitha Prasad

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lalitp tvm tcs co in wrote:

> Hello Everybody
> This is my first mail to this list. I have a query.
> I want to connect two callbacks to a widget and ensure that the second
> one gets called only after the first one has finished executing. For
> example, in a notepad like application, if there is some text in the
> text area and I want to quit the application, then it should first
> allow me to save the text, before closing. Any ideas?
> Lalitha Prasad

I would recommend to look at this URL first:

_sginal_connect (...)
_signal_connect_after (...)
_signal_emit_stop... (...)

Those functions should handle your request.
I've omitted prefix for functions, because it would be "g_" for GTK-2.0
and "gtk_" for GTK-1.2.


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