Re: queues - glib2

Jan Vittrup Hansen <jan vittrup-hansen dk> writes:
>  I am looking for a basic queue implementation for use in C project.
> Along the way I stumbled across GLib, and the datatype "GQueue".
> However, it seems present only in GLib2, which I cannot find in active
> use anywhere. Is this currently under development, or can I safely use
> it? Is it used in Gnome 2.0? Or are there any other indications of when
> it may be safe to deploy?

It's currently under development but API-frozen. It is pretty stable
though, the known bugs in GLib2 are few. GNOME 2 is using it.

The ABI is not frozen however.

There will be a final release "soon" and it will be renamed from
1.3.x->2.0.0 at that time.


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