Re: Installing test gtk-1.3.15


Ibrahim Shaame <gtk_plus yahoo com> writes:

> I have downloaded the lattest version, and would like
> to install it. I have created a directory within gnome
> directory (opt/gnome/gtk-1.3.15), successfully
> compiled glib-2.0, tried to load the libraries (from
> gtk-1.3.15/lib), but when trying to compile atk-0.13 I
> get a message the message that glib >= 1.3.12 is not
> found, and that I should try to edit the
> "script"/opt/gnome/bin/pkg-config (which infact is
> binary!). I have already compiled the new pkg-config
> into the directory /opt/gnome/gtk-1.3.15. I think my
> problem is how to make the system use the directory
> /opt/gnome/gtk-1.3.15.

read the output of configure again. It asked you to add the location
of glib-2.0.pc to your PKG_CONFIG_PATH. You might also have to adapt

Salut, Sven

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