Re: Problims with GLIB Install

"Shaun Stoltz" <shaunstoltz dataconservices co uk> writes:

> Am complete newbie to Linux (REDHAT 8)!! And its about to show... I havnt a
> clue what I'm about to write means...
> Some back ground...
> Am trying to load Nessus on Compac Armada E500 on Redhat 8 which needs
> GTK... have downloaded and unpaked the GTK and GLIB tar's...
> When trying the # ./configure for GLIB I get the following error at the
> bottom of the run script...
> configur: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH
> Thats after a whole bunch of stuff is 'Missing' aclocal, autoconf etc...
> Now that you have been newbified.... any suggestions... besides go back to
> windows!!   :0)

You basically need to think more newbie-like :-)

Run redhat-config-packages (GUI-wise in the System Tools menu, forget
the exact name). Add the packages for GNOME development. (Should
basically be a toplevel group that has what you need.) Insert CD's 
when prompted.

(Red Hat ships with the needed compiler, autotools, as well as
both GTK+-1.2 and GTK+-2.0 development environments; you apparently
just didn't install them.)


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