GkkEntry length and TRU64

Hi all,
We have a little problem porting a programm which is written with gtk+2.
We developed an appl in linux and porting to windows and TRU64.
Under linux und wnt all seems to be ok.
Under TRU64 we have following problem:
	In Entrys we use monospaced fonts "Courier Bold 6"
	and set the length with 	
	length = gtk_entry_set_width_chars(GTK_ENTRY(tmpW),laenge);
	But the space is about (1.7 * length) chars long.
We things it is a problem with the XServer, when the appl is running on
TRU64 and the display is set to an linux computer the layout is ok. What
can we do, has anyone an idea?
Thanks a lot
Bernd Demian <bdemian csc-dd de>
CSC Ploenzke

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