Re: Q: How to hide mouse cursor when it's within a GtkText?

>I've read the archive(s) of several lists and used the advise to create
>an invisible  one-pixel image cursor, which I applied to the GtkWindow.
>While the mouse pointer is within the GtkWindow's background area, the
>mouse pointer is invisible (as I wish it to be). However, if I enter a
>GtkText's area, the mouse's cursor changes from my invisible image to
>the "standard" cursor for text areas (this "I"-looking one).
>How can I work around that? I want the mouse cursor to *always* be
>invisible while the mouse is within my application's window...

you have to set the cursor for the window (gtk_widget_get_window())
for every widget that has its own window. X nests windows - setting
the cursor for the top level window doesn't change it for any nested
child windows. the entry widget has its own window, hence the result
you see.


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