Re: glib main loop

On Thu, 29.08.02 01:09, Havoc Pennington (hp redhat com) wrote:

> I believe if you create a custom source type with a "check" function
> that returns true if any of your other sources have run, such that
> it's dispatched if cleanup is needed, and then attach that source at a
> lower priority than the other sources, it will always run after the
> other sources and only if cleanup is required.

and how would i do this? any further documentation about this? i mean,
the glib-api-docs are not the best, after studying them I still don't
see the light...

could you point me to some good examples for new source
implementations? any projects which are easy and quick to understand?

or do you recommend me reading glib's sources as the best
documentation replacement available?


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