Re: [gtkmm] Re: How to restore cursor?

On 28 Aug 2002, Murray Cumming wrote:

> > I hope you don't mean you wrote a set_cursor override.
> I meant "overload". I must stop doing that.

Actually, I meant overload as well

> > That won't work in
> > other cases, like Gnome::Canvas::Item::grab.
> I don't understand. It's just meant to wrap the gtk method, which does
> something different if the parameter is null. You can look at the code.
> > I think a Gdk::Cursor::default_cursor () static method would be a better
> > choice.
> I think you are talking about something different, or maybe I 
> misunderstood the start of this thread.

The thing is, there are some methods that have GdkCursor arguments that
use 0 for the default cursor. If we had a Gdk::Cursor::default_cursor(),
we could uniformly support those without writing overloads for each.

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