GImageView 0.2.3 Become Inactive until a mouse-click


I'm trying to eliminate an annoying big from the program GImageView 0.2.3:

Which I did not wrote. (It's GPLed).

The problem is that after a new image window is opened, almost everything
become inactive: the icons on the toolbars are not highlighted when the
cursor passes over them, the close window function of the window manager
does not work for the image window, etc. The only thing that does work is
the preview icon of the image which displays a tool-tip when the cursor
passes on it, and is highlighted on entry and exit.

This persists until I click the mouse somewhere on one of the windows.

I don't know too much about X and Gtk+ so it's hard for me to see where
the program goes wrong. Here's what I discovered so far:

The callback that is called when a key is pressed is

It is also called a few times when the window is opened.


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